Lab Process: USG Corporate Innovation Center


Libertyville, IL, USA


As part of a communications strategy for building products manufacturer USG’s engineered panels and ceiling systems laboratory, Starr Design created graphic “flow charts” to depict the water felting, casting, and finishing processes in acoustical products manufacturing.

Simple geometric shapes illustrate how basic raw materials, such as mineral fiber, stucco, clay, and reclaimed wastes, are mixed with water and binders, then molded, dried, and coated for commercial use as ceiling panels. The charts are color-coded for straightforward comprehension: Blue denotes raw materials; orange indicates processing; and green emphasizes low environmental impact in the re-use of waste and bi-products. The printed 24” square panels are suspended vertically within a mobile cable system installation.

Providing a clear, visual backdrop to the oral presentation, the diagrams support diverse tour group agendas. The graphics can be universally understood by international clients, company division heads, or even elementary school children.