Research + Technology Workplace: Waste Management Environmental Monitoring Laboratory


Geneva, Illinois, USA


The Waste Management Environmental Monitoring Laboratory was built as a testing laboratory and administration facility to provide controlled, accurate groundwater sample analysis.

Following several years of occupancy, the facility evolved to provide technical leadership to Waste Management, a waste and environmental service provider, throughout North America. Starr Design was hired to re-design multiple laboratory and office areas to improve operational efficiency in a sequential integrated work flow system. The laboratory team of chemists, compliance and quality specialists, scientists, and administrators were integral consultants throughout the phased renovation.

The architecture itself, a modern, white radial structure was a starting point for conceptual and pragmatic organizing. In the process, several areas were deconstructed and distinct instrument and workplace zones were created. In addition to planning the technical improvements and incorporating enhanced safety features in the laboratory monitoring and administrative areas, Starr Design also addressed the public areas to heighten the tour experience for school groups and visitors. Leveraged from the architectural language, bold radial geometry created spaces for demonstration, presentation, circulation, and privacy.

Corporate Executive Comments:

“The redesign of interior space, utilizing a phased renovation approach, increased the laboratory throughput and operating efficiency.  The challenge was to complete the renovation with no disruption to the on-going business, which was achieved through the overall project management of Starr Design Associates.  As a client, I highly recommend the firm and continue to look for opportunities to engage them again.”