Public Space: Howmet Corporation Entrance Reception


La Porte, Indiana, USA


Howmet Corporation, a leading supplier of integral cast-metal components for jet aircraft and utility generation turbine engines, asked Starr Design to renovate the public entrance/reception area to prepare for a milestone anniversary celebration.

The design objective was to improve durability, refresh the building’s mid-20th century aesthetic at the entrance, and celebrate the manufacturer’s engine technology in the dual function entrance lobby/reception area.

An original oval plaster canopy was recalled in the new design by introducing a dramatic, curved cove light detail to define the reception area and house improved air distribution utilities. An ornamental metal screen and newel post were cleaned and restored. A simple curved millwork form references the ceiling plane and renders a metal “fin” detail reminiscent of the manufacturer’s cast-metal technology. Maple veneer, granite, and terrazzo were chosen to complement the base building materials and provide a backdrop for displaying cast-metal products.