Reimagining Design in Chicago’s Future

Chicago is at the historic crossroads of new leadership. Chicagoans are acutely aware that our mayor-elect Lori Lightfoot will be closely watched by the world. It’s inevitable, as she steps into a position in a major metropolis steeped in tradition.Our city is sometimes scathed, often envied, and yet profoundly admired for our change-up agility and penchant for new ideas. Our communities embrace talent and innovation throughout the year, across every ward. Just dig into any neighborhood, and there are champions doing, making, and changing.

We are also fortunate to have committed leadership of robust professional organizations in design-related fields. Recently, Chicago-headquartered International Interior Design Association (IIDA) partnered with the American Institute of Architects (AIA Chicago Chapter) and launched a ground-breaking talk series: Designers and Architects Talk: A series about design and its impact on client success.

“Collaborating with allied professionals is part of IIDA’s goal to humanize societal impact. Event moderator John Czarnecki, IIDA’s deputy director and senior vice-president, explained the purpose of the series: “We want to bring the design and architecture community into the space,” referencing the environs as a metaphor for collaborative discussion.” Read the full article, “Creative Voices Thriving In Chicago: Designers and Architects Team Up to Talk,” published in NewCity Design.

Echoing the enduring teaming tradition between architects and designers, Zurich Esposito, executive vice president AIA Chicago, stated “Our two industries collaborate often on job sites and in the design studio.”

Akin to AIA and IIDA’s evolving outreach, our great city continues to engage and reimagine the future. The presence of creative voices permeating our seventy-seven neighborhoods, whether individual or communal, is what gives our city diversity of expression and pride of place. Fortunately, Chicago’s mayor-elect will have the benefit of a city that has inspired thinkers and creative strategists to propel the city forward.

Pictured: IIDA hosts a panel discussion on “McDonald’s Headquarters: Impact on a Company, a City, and a Neighborhood” at their Chicago offices. /Photo: Christopher Dilts / IIDA